Bright Idea!

I want to make these so bad! I think I really need to invest in a sewing maching because doing this by hand would NOT be the brightest idea!

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New home!

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GO me!

I had an amazing weekend filled with my family, friends and decorating. I finally got some rooms squared away and looking nice. I am so very happy about that!

We hung 1 photo frame (would have been plural but I couldnt quite get a good placement for them), a mirror and my awesome craft I did the other night! So now my house is more like a home. The positive energy is a flowin’ and we are quite content with how life is treating us!

This was the first weekend we really didnt have much going on so it was much needed family time to, as Joey says it, “just chill out.”

Pictures to follow!

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I just about died when I saw this. I HAVE to have one of these also seen here Continue reading

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For anyone whos wondering…or worried about me (hah!) I forgot my phone at home and for some reason my computer here wont allow me to post, read or respond to anyone on fb. Ill have to get to that once i get home…I know it makes me sound like Im very popular!

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Im Lovin’ it.

So while on the hunt for ways to make my home more exciting and finding my way through the crafting forest, I stumbled apon something brilliant! First I was reading my favorite blog The Nesting Place. Todays feature was something to make…which always excites me because {here comes a rant} “Nester” always gives me so many ideas on how to better my home! Whether it be cleaning supplies (Mrs.Meyers) , home decor, places to shop or bargains to be had- she knows how to pick’em She has a way of speaking to her reader and gives excellent commentary on the items she posts!

Back to today. It was an idea she had about a post from another blog. Here is this amazing idea that I will try to accomplish!

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Bright Idea!

So while I’ve been trying to find a more creative Ive been thinking about the state of my home. I have a ton of ideas that I want to do to improve my home and help me get some creative blood a flowin!…{This will all happen as soon as I find the time} I would LOVE to change the theme of my home. Right now it is a bit dark, more warm colors and very bare. I have always said I love a home that looks like no one lives there. I also dont like it to show that an actual child lives in the main spaces. EVIL, I know!

I have come up against a lot of people who do not agree with this. Yes, I understand a home is for living, so live in it. I get that. I just dont think there should be a bunch of crap toys  . Thats what bedrooms are for! Okay, maybe baby stuff is different…thats understandable. But clutter…No.

So now Im left with the question of if I decorate and brighten my home up will it clutter it? Im not a designer nor do I have an eye for “what goes,” that’s why my home runs along the same color scheme…darks…very simple.

I would love to brighten it up with blues, whites and creme. I love the natrual nature feel and wish I could show it in my home. My bathroom is very beachy with teals and actual things hanign on the wall. I started there because it was easy and I could close the door if it didnt work!

Maybe some lamps with color, different pillows and actual things that make it look decorated! I may even…..wait for it………hang things on the walls! Wow, Im on a roll!  If anyone has any input it will be greatly appreciated!


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