Time flies…

So its been a while…10 days exactly. Ive been so busy trying to get my butt in shape that i literally am at my house for a total of 11 hours…8 of them I am asleep! the rest is getting ready to leave for work or getting ready to go to bed! I feel bad for my dog! I miss her, I miss my couch, my tv…my food!  But, thats what i gotta do to get in tip top shape for myself…and my love!

I have so many ideas of things i want to do for my home, I just need to find the time to do it in! I still have the frames I got from Goodwill in the back of my car!

Valentines Day is my FAVORITE holiday and Ill be spending it alone this year. SO i need to do things to make it special for me and to take pictures of to send to my J while he’s sailing the ocean blue.

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3 Responses to Time flies…

  1. LOVE your blog. youre doing so great! i will be alone for valentines day too =( we should do something. lol

  2. Keri says:

    I totally get this! I don’t understand how we are supposed to work full time and find time for ANYTHING else!! And I don’t even have a kid. I do feel like I neglect my poor dog at times! I need to get in a good gym routine but I just hate that it takes away a good hour or more from my day.

    • 0nel0ve says:

      I hear ya! its tough but i feel bad if i dont go to the gym and ill get too out of shape if i stick to weekends! lol Right now its my only choice to spend ALL day out of the house. I miss just sitting and reading a magazine!

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