Bright Idea!

So while I’ve been trying to find a more creative Ive been thinking about the state of my home. I have a ton of ideas that I want to do to improve my home and help me get some creative blood a flowin!…{This will all happen as soon as I find the time} I would LOVE to change the theme of my home. Right now it is a bit dark, more warm colors and very bare. I have always said I love a home that looks like no one lives there. I also dont like it to show that an actual child lives in the main spaces. EVIL, I know!

I have come up against a lot of people who do not agree with this. Yes, I understand a home is for living, so live in it. I get that. I just dont think there should be a bunch of crap toys  . Thats what bedrooms are for! Okay, maybe baby stuff is different…thats understandable. But clutter…No.

So now Im left with the question of if I decorate and brighten my home up will it clutter it? Im not a designer nor do I have an eye for “what goes,” that’s why my home runs along the same color scheme…darks…very simple.

I would love to brighten it up with blues, whites and creme. I love the natrual nature feel and wish I could show it in my home. My bathroom is very beachy with teals and actual things hanign on the wall. I started there because it was easy and I could close the door if it didnt work!

Maybe some lamps with color, different pillows and actual things that make it look decorated! I may even…..wait for it………hang things on the walls! Wow, Im on a roll!  If anyone has any input it will be greatly appreciated!


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