So I successfully survived the 1st day of 2011! Ya me! With the recent time off from work I’ve had, I was able to think about things a bit clearer. I get so wrapped up in working 50 hours a week, then recovering from that every evening {all while making sure the laundry is done, dishes are washed, children are fed} I forget to think about the other stuff in life. I mean its a waste of time to work your life away and never appreciate things you enjoy doing…or want to start doing. Living a fulfilled life really is key.

First off my mother was wondering where the “homemaker” side of me went. So I asked myself “Why don’t I do crafts and bake cookies and sew?” Then I thought about how I start crafts and never finish, burned the slice and bake cookies, and pricked my finger with a needle…Not my Idea of successful! Hopefully in this new year I will try new things and be more creative no matter how often I fail.

I plan to make my life about my family and myself. Do things that I am proud of and better myself. Filling your life with things that make you happy will make your life more balanced.

Im about to go seize the day!

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  1. Denise says:

    Find what makes you happy and do it! I am so proud of you…the wife, the parent…the hard worker. You don’t need to be domestic if thats not you! That was me always trying so hard to find who I was….I found that I love being a Mom and it sure has been hard not having “kids” around now…I kinda lost myself when you all grew up. Having Joey around makes me want to do all those things again….and it makes me happy….Thank you for allowing me all the time with him!!
    Now that life has changed, I am on a quest to find what I like to do…aside from parenting. There are so many things I want to do now…just need the push. Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, Chakra, taking care of the earth, organic eating & living, working out at the gym…knitting. Now I just need to start…hopefully this year I will find my niche’ and realize I don’t need to be so needy!

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