With the new year ahead I am excited to start taking on the challenges and goals I am setting for myself. We have decided to make ONE goal and from that others will spout. We are cutting all fast food. The mindset is wonderful and in doing this we will strive to make better choices with what we put into our bodies along with how we manage our money and all those little ways our money seems to “disappear.” Being more focused on our home life and the relationships we want to make stronger will come from spending more of our time inside the home with each other feeding our souls with love and clean things.

This year we will take on many personal challenges. We will go thru at least 3 separations, a deployment,  schooling in another state, and hopefully a LARGE move to the other side of the world.

I will be running again and getting back to the person that people know I am. Not this stuffy person who got a job and nothing more.

I am also trying to succesfully complete my P365. Lets see what I come up with!

Happy 2011!!!

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2 Responses to 1.1.11.

  1. Denise says:

    How exciting this year will be. Stay strong you all will acheive so much.
    I too will be getting back to a healthier lifestyle. Taking more time to relax and not worry about things…like worrying about cleaning so much. I bet I have wasted a lifetime in cleaning. Also the eating healthier will help with the incessant heartburn I suffer from. The anxiety I feel will hopefully lessen and I can start to focus on the positive. I wish you all amazing things for 2011!!

  2. mandibug33 says:

    I love the idea of no fast food! Yes its easier but for us to Eat out its automatically 10-20 bucks which isnt a lot but it adds up. I think I will join you on this voyage lol

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