Shrimp recipes

Shrimp recipes.

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Weight loss to date

Weight loss to date.

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Salmond Burgers| Healthy food fit family

Salmond Burgers| Healthy food fit family

Salmond Burgers| Healthy food fit family

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Rings true

This is the truest statement. Thank you Reluctant Entertainer!The name of my blog, One Love refers to the love I have for the things in my life. There is one form of love but it comes in many different ways and is oh so forgiving. It gets you through things that you never thought you could.

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I had a couple days this past week while I was out of work
sick to finish up some projects I’ve been wanting to do. They
turned out beautifully! I was so pleased that I would probably
continue doing them in different styles! The first was my Yarn
Wreath. I found this on but was way over priced! Then I
stumbled across this…and fell in love. I knew I
could do it (as untalented as I am) and do it well. Then I picked
my color…I LOVE gray. So naturally that’s my main color choice
with some felt roses to jazz it up. I was so Impressed with how
easy {and fun} it was to do this project-start to finish! I can’t
wait to come up with more color combinations and use them as gifts
thru out the year! There are so many possibilities! Multi colored,
seasonal, holiday and decorative! Plus it costs about 6$ to

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oh what a night.

Well day that is….I spent the day, not in the gym but in
my home. I decorated, printed, cut, hung, cleaned, folded and hung
some more. I’ve been thinking a lot about love, life and food and
they have been all positives! I think Im finally in a place where i
can say with a 100% that I am completely happy. The only thing that
would make it better was if J was in our home with us instead of
riding the waves!

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Time flies…

So its been a while…10 days exactly. Ive been so busy trying to get my butt in shape that i literally am at my house for a total of 11 hours…8 of them I am asleep! the rest is getting ready to leave for work or getting ready to go to bed! I feel bad for my dog! I miss her, I miss my couch, my tv…my food!  But, thats what i gotta do to get in tip top shape for myself…and my love!

I have so many ideas of things i want to do for my home, I just need to find the time to do it in! I still have the frames I got from Goodwill in the back of my car!

Valentines Day is my FAVORITE holiday and Ill be spending it alone this year. SO i need to do things to make it special for me and to take pictures of to send to my J while he’s sailing the ocean blue.

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Bright Idea!

I want to make these so bad! I think I really need to invest in a sewing maching because doing this by hand would NOT be the brightest idea!

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New home!

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GO me!

I had an amazing weekend filled with my family, friends and decorating. I finally got some rooms squared away and looking nice. I am so very happy about that!

We hung 1 photo frame (would have been plural but I couldnt quite get a good placement for them), a mirror and my awesome craft I did the other night! So now my house is more like a home. The positive energy is a flowin’ and we are quite content with how life is treating us!

This was the first weekend we really didnt have much going on so it was much needed family time to, as Joey says it, “just chill out.”

Pictures to follow!

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